Dhyeya Educational Services Pvt. Ltd., almost a decade old institution, was founded by Mr. Vinay Singh and Mr. Q.H. Khan. Ever since its emergence it has unparalleled track record of success. Today, it stands tall among the reputed institutes providing coaching for Civil Services Examination (CSE). The institute has been very successful in making potential aspirants realize their dreams which are evident from the success stories of the previous years. Actually, the most pivotal part for the preparation of any exam is entirely based on the acumen power. The ultimate phase is very vital in preparing for any exam, it includes, first and foremost, comprehending the obligatory need of the exam, moreover, to have a manifest and transparent roadmap, last but not the least, rational & concrete outlook.


Without vivid outlook, it is rather impossible to implement competence and versatility in right direction. Keeping into account the importance of above mentioned statements Dhyeya IAS has designed and introduced an impeccable, lucrative and authentic motto, 'our aim is to enhance your potential'. When the direction and outlook are obvious and coherent the fruitful result of the deep-rooted knack of the potential candidate becomes inevitable. You have the versatility Dhyeya IAS team will kindle the fire of hope and success in you and assist you as an asset in imparting updated education, show you the right path of winning laurels and create a congenial and effusive atmosphere for you to develop constructive outlook. This is the salient aim of Dhyeya IAS.

Since the establishment of Dhyeya IAS, we have followed the modest culture of not commercializing our results but for the sole inspiration of novices we present a list of selected candidates belonging to humble background yet achieving laurels in this most prestigious exam; who are :

Suryapal Gangwar (8th Rank), Jayprakash Maurya (9th Rank), Sweta Singhal (17th Rank), Shriman Shukla (18th Rank), Priyanka Niranjan (20th Rank), Adesh Titarmare (21st Rank), Ujjawal Kumar (24th Rank), Ajit (26th Rank), Balwant Singh (35th Rank), Brahmadatta Dwivedi (37th Rank), Abhishek Singh (48th Rank), Ranjeet Kumar Singh (49th Rank), Shilpa Garg (55th Rank), Manoj Kumar Singh (58th Rank), Rubal Gupta (59th Rank), Seema (66th Rank), Vaibhav Shrivastva (74th Rank) and Neelam Rani (98th Rank) etc.

Quality Education.... A Community Commitment.